Introducing the “OT Genius Box”!!!

published 3 weeks ago by Dr. Frederick B. Covington

COVID presented a number of problems for many Occupational therapists. But what if... 1. What if the therapeutic tools we needed to conduct teletherapy, was not only at our disposal, but was already in the clients/patients/students homes with them as well? 2. What if we could forgo the hindrances and time consumption of there not being “common items” that can be found in every clients home? 3. What if, when children return to school settings, they have there own personal therapy tools to hinder the spread of COVID-19 and increase their safety as well as the school staffs safety? As online occupational therapy sessions became the new normal, many practicing occupational therapists realized that every home that they conducted online therapy services in was different. No two students homes were alike. There were no “common items" that could be found in every clients’ or students’ home. The reality is that multiple factors affect which items are found in each home. Factors such as location, the season or the time of year, socioeconomic status, or the family's culture, could all play a part in what’s found in the home. The O.T. Genius Box is filled with therapeutic tools and activities that can help work toward established occupational therapy goals and objectives. Here is what’s inside of the “OT Genius Box”: Therapists and patients/clients/students can obtain the “OT Genius Box” from the retailers below: Purchase from ETSY: Purchase from AMAZON:

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