"Under the Hoodie:" Rapid7's 2020 Pen Testing Report - Kwan Lin - ESW #196

published 11 months ago by Security Weekly

Penetration testing is the practice of simulating a criminal breach of a sensitive area in order to uncover and fix defensive failures. Rapid7 just released it's 2020 "Under the Hoodie" report which looks at the last 12 months of data exploring the hows and whys of penetration testing, covering mainly internal and external network compromises, with some supplementary data on social engineering and red team simulations. During this podcast we'll talk about some of the key findings and ways you can better secure yourself in the following areas: -Internal network configuration and patch management -Password management and secondary controls - VPNs and internet-based applications   This segment is sponsored by Rapid7. Visit to learn more about them! Visit for all the latest episodes! Show Notes:

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