Unshaken, Part 11: Courage in Crisis - Heather Zempel

published 8 months ago by National Community Church

Daniel 11 is written like prophecy but it reads like history. While the people of God are coming to the end of exile and will be able to return to their land, Daniel is told that things will get worse before they get better. Israel will be sandwiched between two warring kingdoms, and the people of God will face a crisis of identity, a crisis of faith, and a crisis of hope. In order to find the right perspective and posture, they must be the kind of people who do not accept the current crisis as the end of the story. They must be the kind of people who do not put their trust in a current leader or ideology but recognize that God will outlive and outlast any earthly leader. They must be the kind of people who put their trust in the story and their trust in the author. As we stand in times of crisis, may we be people who stand in faithfulness, who walk in patience, who cling to hope.

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