60 min Yin Yoga for Spinal Flexibility | Radiance Sutras vs. 7 | Yoga with Melissa 538

published 1 month ago by Dr. Melissa West - Yoga Teacher - Namaste Yoga

60 min Yin Yoga for Spinal Flexibility This 60 minute yin yoga for spinal flexibility will focus on side bends and twists. If you have back pain and back stiffness, you are going to love this class. Because our spine supports our nervous system, this class will also release stress and tension. This is a wonderfully gently yin yoga sequence that will be of benefit to your whole spine including your thoracic and lumbar spine. This is part of our Radiance Sutra Series inspired by Lorin Roche’s translation. Over the next several weeks our yoga practice is going to be inspired by Lorin Roche’s translation of the Radiance Sutras. I highly recommend you purchase this book. The radiance sutras are 112 techniques for enlightenment through everyday lived experience. Each of the sutras is a way of attending to the divine energy that is always flowing through us and of which we are made. It is a conversation between the God and Goddess, Shiva and Shakti. They are the divine masculine and feminine, inseparable partners and their favourite dwelling place is in the human heart. As we take time to immerse ourselves in these sutras over the next several weeks our bodies, minds, emotions, energy and spirit will awaken to the sacred that permeates our entire being. It is important to note that the radiance sutras are not a to do list or a manual or a how to, but is a relationship that will emerge between your Self and your Lived Experience. As we delve into the sutras you will hear that they are playful and exploratory. They are meant to be explored by your sense perceptions. Allow yourself to be lighthearted as you open yourself to this divine exploration. Be serious about taking yourself lightly as my friend Anita Goa says. Lorin Roche says, “Through play, find your way, freedom, revelation, illumination.” He suggests that this text will open you to being at home in the universe, “to bring radical acceptance to every intense experience, ever sensual delight, every ordinary moment, as a gateway into deep and intimate contact with the forces of life.” So without further ado, let’s go “deeply into experience, embracing it fully without reservation.” Thank you to all of you who joined us for our 5 day grounding earth element challenge. The next step is to join us for our earth element retreat from Thursday September 3rth through Monday September 6th in our membership community.

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