SN 780: Microsoft's 0-Day Folly - Microsoft Acts Badly, Canon Ransomware, Mozilla Tries to Pivot

published 1 month ago

Microsoft acts badly, Canon ransomware, Mozilla tries to pivot.When Microsoft doesn't act responsibly: Parts 1 and 2Snap Your Dragon / "Achilles: Small Chip, Big Peril"3rd largest Patch Tuesday everMozilla pivoting to VPN, future uncertainThe other ransomware shoe drops at CanonSoftware glitch in California's COVID case reportingThreema gets E2EE Video CallsWe invite you to read our show notes at Hosts: Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte Download or subscribe to this show at . You can submit a question to Security Now! at the GRC Feedback Page. For 16kbps versions, transcripts, and notes (including fixes), visit Steve's site:, also the home of the best disk maintenance and recovery utility ever written Spinrite 6. Sponsors: - use code: TWIT WWT.COM/TWIT

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