Getting started as a cloud engineer with Gwyneth Peña

published 1 month ago by Microsoft

Azure MVP Gwyneth Peña joins Scott Hanselman to show him how she got started as a cloud engineer not only by learning by doing, but also by documenting what she was learning and sharing her journey with others. [0:00:00]- Overview[0:00:21]- Getting started as a cloud engineer[0:05:11]- Building the Made by GPS channel[0:06:20]- 100 Days of Cloud challenge[0:08:02]- How to be a Cloud Engineer in 2020[0:10:09]- Disrupting the Cloud podcast[0:11:00]- Episode wrap-upMade by GPS YouTube channelAzure Certifications100 Days of Cloud on GitHubDisrupting the Cloud podcastCreate a free account (Azure)

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