MBW 726: A Song for Woz - Happy Birthday Woz, 27-Inch iMac Review, Trump vs. TikTok & WeChat

published 1 month ago

Happy Birthday Woz, 27-Inch iMac Review, Trump vs. TikTok & WeChat The Week's Stores:Rene Ritchie's review of the 2020 27-Inch iMacShould you wait to buy an Apple Silicon Macbook? Will all your apps work on a new Mac? Russia accuses Apple of mobile app market abuseApple will not allow Microsoft's xCloud or Google's Stadia gaming services on iOSSamsung's new line is real competition for Apple iPhones, Watches, and AirPodsTrump vs TikTok: TikTok is NOT giving your data to the Chinese government, but Experian, Target, and Twitter are. Trump also bans WeChat, which will kill 30% iPhone users, and Tencent, which will kill most US video games. Instagram releases TikTok clone Reels, TikTok says they will help users move if they are bannedThe TWiT guide to product placementRene Ritchie's guide to the watchOS 7 beta: caveat emptor!iPhone 12 officially delayed to OctoberTim Cook is finally a billionaireApple stock split coming this monthTim Cook is the best CEO Apple has ever hadApple News+ is hijacking news linksWoz turns 70 today! Celebrate live at 5pm PT 8/11 and listen to Jonathan Mann's birthday song for Woz!Picks of the WeekAndy's Pick: WindowSwapRene's Pick: SoundSource 5Lory's Pick: Espionage Cosmetics Hosts: Leo Laporte, Andy Ihnatko, Rene Ritchie, and Lory Gil Guest: Jonathan Mann Download or subscribe to this show at . Sponsor: LastPass.com/twit

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