30 min Yoga For Radiant and Energetic Posture | Radiance Sutras vs. 5 | Yoga with Melissa 536

published 1 month ago by Dr. Melissa West - Yoga Teacher - Namaste Yoga

Yoga for Radiant and Energetic Posture This 30 minute hatha yoga for radiant and energetic posture focuses on energizing your spine. It is part of our Radiance Sutra series based on Lorin Roche’s translation. This class will focus on verse 5. Throughout the class we will use breath and movement to release your spine. There are some fun variations on cat pose, Goddess Victory Squat, downdog and pigeon, warrior one, and easy pose. Plan on feeling the energy move through your released spine and neck. I personally loved the way we moved from three legged down dog to a hovering pigeon. I also have another addition of our fireworks pose. Let me know what your favourite movements were in this class. Thank you to: Carla, Ruth, Cornelia, Gabriela, Viola, Ainize, Sean, Donna, Matthew, Pamela, Christine, Sandy, Ameeta, Karen, Christin, Alyson, Fiona, Guila, Robin, Eelke, for your donations since March of 2020. We appreciate your support in helping us make these videos available through YouTube. 5 Day Grounding Earth Element Challenge So far 2020 has been physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically ungrounding. We need time to settle and calm our overactive minds and excessive worry. In just 5 days we will focus on the main organ system of the earth element and the stomach meridian, to anchor us through this transitional time. Each day we will take specific actions to encourage the overactive, top-heavy worry that rises up into your head and encourage that qi to anchor down and into the earth. Go to melissawest.com/earth

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