My Skin Condition Hasn't Stopped Me Finding Love

published 1 month ago by Dr. Frederick B. Covington

What would be your Occupational Therapy approach with this client?  Meet the woman with a skin condition so rare, she cannot be exposed to direct sunlight. At three years old, Karine de Souza was diagnosed with Xeroderma Pigmentosum - meaning every time she is exposed to ultraviolet rays, she is at risk of contracting melanomas on her skin. Karine, 29, has undergone over 130 surgical procedures to remove each one of these lesions, which has included removing her lower lip and part of her nose. Karine told Truly: “I am the target of a lot of glances, a lot of people staring at me, some of them distance themselves.” She spends her days inside her home, only venturing into the sunlight for a necessary doctor’s appointment, where she has to cover herself with 100 spf sunscreen every two hours. Three years ago, she met her husband Edmilson through social media. Edmilson said that he “fell in love with her story” and her “strength”.

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