SWVHSC: Put Zero Trust in Your Devices - John Loucaides - ESW #193

published 9 months ago by Security Weekly

The recent shift to a remote work environment has created new challenges for many businesses and government institutions with profound impacts on organizational security models. Users are no longer protected by the many layers of security found on-premise in the corporate network. Organizations must adapt security policies to support a massive influx of inbound connections. Security teams must consider how to adapt core security concepts like Zero Trust to include remote work environments that include corporate laptops, BYOD devices, and home networking gear. Join our conversation as we discuss how much trust you can put in your devices as well as what organizations are doing to assess and verify device integrity down to the firmware and hardware level. Eclypsium will also discuss the #BootHoleVulnerability research they disclosed last week.   This segment is sponsored by Eclypsium. Visit to learn more about them! To learn more about securing devices down to the firmware and hardware level, visit: Visit for all the latest episodes! Show Notes:

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