TWiT 782: Mainframes Not MaryJane - Tik Tok Ban, Tech Titans Talk to Congress, Twitter Hackers Arrested

published 1 month ago

Tik Tok Ban, Tech Titans Talk to Congress, Twitter Hackers ArrestedTrump threatens to ban Tik Tok Trump wants Microsoft to buy Tik TokMr. Cook, Zuck, Bezos, and Pichai go to Washington What should the government do to Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Apple?Twitter hackers arrestedOur Covid year: CES will be all-virtual in 2021 Huawei is the #1 phone maker in the world Need a job? The US Digital Service is hiring!Microsoft will end mobile support for Cortana in 2010 Election Cyber Surge wants to help America voteTrump is witholding funds from the Internet Freedom Fund Watch the Samsung Note 20 and Galaxy Z Fold announcement this week with TWiT!Emmys will be all-virtual this year Quibi lost 92% of its day one subscribers Bernie Sanders wants to send you 3 masks Analogue Pocket comes out tomorrow Brianna Wu is the 8th best Super Mario 2 speedrunner in the world Fyre Festival and GSA Auctions Host: Leo Laporte Guests: Brianna Wu, Paris Martineau, and Matt Cutts Download or subscribe to this show at Sponsors: - promo code: TWIT

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