First-Time Buyer: From $5 in Your Pocket to Homeownership in Five Years

published 5 months ago by Real estate investing news and tips with Kathy Fettke, best selling author of Retire Rich with Rentals, Co-CEO of Real Wealth Network and Host of the Real Wealth Show and regular guest expert on FOX News, CNN, and CNBC

Buying your first home can be a long-shot for some people, especially when you are trying to pick yourself up from a hard fall. But today, we have a success story from an employee at Real Wealth who convinced us she would turn her life around, and in five years she came a very long way in her effort to rebuild her life and enjoy financial security with the purchase of her first home.   Jill Benes has worn and still wears many hats at Real Wealth. She has worked her way up from receptionist, live event coordinator, and other positions, to her current position as the person who manages, edits and publishes our podcasts, webinars, and YouTube videos. She’s dedicated a lot of time to her job, but has also found time to do many other things that have given her a healthy work-life balance. Jill talks candidly in this episode about how she built a bridge to success with positive thoughts, an upbeat determination, and lots of hard work.  

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