Hands-On Mac 20: Install Mac Fonts on Terminal

published 6 days ago

Here's how to use Homebrew and the Terminal command line to quickly install fonts.Leo likes to use Fish, but you can use Bash as well.If you haven't already, install and update Brew and its cask feature.Then type the following into the Terminal command line:brew updatebrew tap homebrew/caskbrew tap homebrew/cask-fontsbrew search font-brew search font- | lessbrew search nerd-font | lessbrew cask install font-fira-codebrew cask install font-daddytimemono-nerd-fontfor $font in (brew search nerd-font) ; brew cask install $font ; endAnd then go get a cup of coffee!Here's some more information on installing fonts from the command line: Leo Laporte gives you helpful tips to get the most from your Mac every week on Hands-On Mac! Host: Leo Laporte Download or subscribe to this show at Discuss episodes in the TWiT Community. Sponsor: LastPass.com/twit

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