TWiG 570: Four CEOs Walk Into a Zoom Meeting - Antitrust Hearings, We Rate Zuck's Zoom Bkgd, Google Extends WFH to July 2021

published 1 week ago

Antitrust Hearings, We Rate Zuck's Zoom Bkgd, Google Extends WFH to July 2021Rating the Zoom backgrounds of the tech titansWith all the competing political concerns, what should the government do with big tech?Google wants Samsung to drop Bixby. Could Google and Samsung team up to make the perfect Android phone?Google says its employees can stay home until July 2021. Are you ready for another year of quarantine?Google gets its own international cableStaceysplaining the Quantum Internet The Google Changelog: Message emoji reply | Motion Editor | Store price matches | The Matchup | YouTube's Summer of MoviesCES will be online-only in 2021Snooker World Championship has smaller ballsStreaming takes over the EmmysRobots take the fashion world by stormAI employee fools Russian design firmSamsung Note 20 coming August 5thAll Dogs in Shenzen will be microchipped by the end of the yearWoz sues YouTube over bitcoin hackTech to keep Alexa from spying on you Leo's Tool: Vocodes. Vocal playground.Stacey's Thing: FOOT SPA!!!!Jeff's Number: Mackenzie Scott giving away $1.7bAnt's Stuff: Faded WordsKarsten's Mask: Uvex Bionic Face Shield: Whether you're facing down Karens in the line at Starbucks or Federal thugs in Portland, the Uvex Bionic Face Shield is your best bet for full face protection. Karsten got his at National Tool Warehouse. Cheaper option: Amazon now selling its in-house-designed face shield at cost - CNETKarsten also loves Ben Heck and got to produce him for half a second at Revision 3. Here is Ben's AutoMask. Hosts: Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, Stacey Higginbotham, and Ant Pruitt Download or subscribe to this show at . Sponsors: WWT.COM/TWIT1

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