EP 26 - Matt Thornton Q & A

published 2 years ago by Matt Thornton

Matt Thornton answers the top questions from fans: when he first realized Aliveness was the most important factor in martial arts, how his global seminar circuit originally was the primary method for connecting with all the SBG gyms throughtout the world (4:17), the most important qualities of a good teacher (5:54), stance on strength and conditioning (9:45), the real story behind the anarchist's A on the original SBG gorilla (11:10), his feelings about the Gracies (13:25), how SBG has evolved over the years (14:45), how he handles kicking someone out of SBG (18:02), what is and what is not a fundamental (20:18), and shares his single toughest challenge regarding SBG (34:40). For direct access to SBG Founder Matt Thornton, please visit www.sbguniversity.com

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