Kitty Cat Cast Episode #3 - Introducing Simba - the Maine Coon Cat

published 1 year ago by Cal Curtis

Well, the pond in our back garden was too small for Simba to swim in; but that didn't stop him. He got one paw in and started to paddle away! Maine Coons are well known for their love of water and the webbed feet help them to get a good stroke. Maine Coons get their names from the fact that they originated from the State of Maine, and they have large furry tails that resemble the tail of a racoon. Thus their name "Maine Coon". To give you an idea of Simba's size, this picture was taken of him as he reclined on our queen sized bed! Persia and Simba each weight in at over 17 pounds. These gentle giants were both born here in Australia and are our pride and joy!

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