Vidcast #48 - JaiDee Nearly Grown Up!

published 8 years ago by Cal Curtis

Here is little JaiDee (Good Heart in Thai) at eleven months old. She is still as playful as she ever was as a kitten. She is beautiful and affectionate! Although she is pure Persian she is a small female. One of my favorite things about JaiDee is that when you carry her in your arms she simply relaxes and gazes into your eyes, listening to your every word. My wife says she is her favorite cat, which is saying a lot because Persia and Simba were our gentle giant Maine Coon Cats. But we had to leave them with friends in Australia. So sad. We never thought we would love again, until JaiDee came along.It seems that the majority of you really like this video series. But please let us know if you want to go back to a few more audio podcasts occasionally as well. To see more go to and make your desires known.PLEASE REMEMBER TO VOTE FOR US AT PODCAST ALLEY!PLEASE REMEMBER TO VOTE FOR US AT PODCAST.COM AS WELL!Please Digg US!Please continue to support Kitty Cat Cast and get 10% off domain names and other Internet resources at When making a purchase use our promo code "cjcsave10" to receive your discount.

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