Deeply Nourishing Meditation | Radiance Sutra vs. 4 | Yoga with Melissa 535

published 2 months ago by Dr. Melissa West - Yoga Teacher - Namaste Yoga

Deeply Nourishing Meditation Radiance Sutra vs. 4 This yoga nidra focuses on verse 4 of Lorin Roche’s translation of the Radiance Sutras. I recommend having an extra blanket underneath you and one to pull up overtop of you because your body may cool over the course of this reclined meditation. An eye pillow can help you relax your eyes more as well. This deeply nourishing meditation is part of our radiance sutra series. Remember there will be an audio download for our members so that you can listen to this wherever you want in your earbuds. Remember, our community is so much more than a video library, for example, in September of 2020 yoga nidra will be an integral part of our Earth Element retreat experience during the fire element/small intestine part of your day when it is an ideal time of your day for resting and napping. This is just one example of how we support each other by doing things together in our community instead of reinforcing the illusion of separateness when we practice in isolation. Thank you for liking, subscribing and putting, "I emerged renewed" in the comments.

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