RTF#081: Restless Phone Syndrome

published 11 years ago by RingtoneFeeder.com

Video introduction of ringtone of the week by Geoff Smith. This week the ringtone is titled "Restless Phone Syndrome" Do you have Restless phone Syndrome? is your phone ringing right now? ask your doctor if Ringtonefeeder is right for you Ringtonefeeder may cause non-dizziness; unusual happiness and severe perkiness; candy like sensations. swelling of the smile muscles, abnormal memory gain; behavior changes in a really really really good way; calm breathing; assertiveness; decreased shyness; exploding laughter muscle syndrome involuntary whistling, tapping, clapping, singing, dancing, jumping, laughing Ringtonefeeder get relief for your ringtone now Get the coolest iPhone ringtones today from For the latest news, have a look at the RingtoneFeeder blog: Follow us on Twitter

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