MBW 722: The ARM and Other Appendages - iOS 14 Public Beta, Apple Silicon vs. Intel, Apple Glasses Lenses

published 4 weeks ago

iOS 14 Public Beta, Apple Silicon vs. Intel, Apple Glasses Lenses The Week's Stores:iOS 14 public beta pros and cons: Pokemon Go is broken, and widgets are just big icons - no buttons allowed. Does Apple Silicon herald the death of Wintel?Foxconn making thousands of lenses for Apple GlassesGot an iPhone 6, 6s, or 7? Want $25? Submit your claim to the "Batterygate" lawsuit.Apple offices will stay closed until 2021. Retail workers encouraged to work from home.Tim Cook makes $133 million this yearDon't cover your MacBook camera! You'll crack the screen.Softbank wants to sell ARM - should Apple buy it? iOS 14 busts LinkedIn, Reddit, Tik Tok, and more for copying the clipboard. Turns out it was Google's fault all along.Apple spends $400 million on affordable housingmacOS Big Sur not ready for the public yet - whatever you do, don't install it on a 2nd partitiontvOS upgrade isn't worth trying the public betaOur favorite changes in iOS 14 - jiggle mode and photosApple doesn't want to own 95% of the market. They just want 95% of the money.Apple Silicon Macs will support ThunderboltThe ins and outs of podcast tracking and ad techLeo loves Greyhound on AppleTV+AppleTV+ gets Idris Elba and Jake GyllenhaalApple offers free and cheap coding classes and booksPicks of the WeekAndy's Pick: Ulysses 20Rene's Pick: Canon EOS R5 & R6Dave's Pick: Cloudflare for Families Hosts: Leo Laporte, Andy Ihnatko, and Rene Ritchie Guest: Dave Hamilton Download or subscribe to this show at . Sponsor: LastPass.com/twit

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