MBW 720: Microsoft's Riding Mower - The most important stories from WWDC 2020

published 1 month ago

The most important stories from WWDC 2020 The Week's Stores:In a post-PC world, does it really matter what chips are in Macs?Related: Microsoft closes their retail storesWill the new Apple hardware require a signed operating system? WWDC should be virtual every yearMacs will lose Boot Camp - how will Windows work in virtualization? How much will macOS merge with iOS? Will Macs get a touchscreen? Computing in the cloud is the futureApple ARKit will change how we see the worldApple makes small improvements to their App review processeswatchOS adds handwashing sleep tracking, and dance - where is our teeth brushing app? The death of macOS 10 echoes the death of Mac OS 9macOS 11 design echoes iOS, and seems suspiciously touch-friendlyiOS 14 just started making people very worried about ad trackingMing-Chi Kuo: 13" MacBook Pro and 24" iMac will be the 1st Apple Silicon MacsShould you buy an Intel Mac now? should you risk buying the 1st ARM Mac? Apple Design Award winnersNo charger with the iPhone 12 - does this mean it won't have a charging port? Picks of the WeekAndy's Pick: Carl Reiner dies at 98: read his memoirs, particularly in audiobook...starting with "My Anecdotal Life"Rene's Pick: Rene's Apple iOS 14 & Privacy InterviewLeo's Pick: 1st Space Force launch Hosts: Leo Laporte, Andy Ihnatko, and Rene Ritchie Download or subscribe to this show at . Sponsor: casper.com/macbreak - promo code MACBREAK

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