2020 | SERIES 31 | Episode 21

published 2 weeks ago by ABC TV

Seaside Support: Costa heads to northern Sydney’s seaside suburbs to join a crew working to conserve a critical patch of coastal vegetation.  FAQs – Succulents after flowering | Plants without sun | Aphids on roses: Gardening Australia presenters answer commonly asked gardening questions. Plant Profile - Aloe: We profile stunning and resilient Aloe plants in full winter flower. Starting Again: Millie has big renovation plans for her home and garden, but before the demolition begins, she prepares her plants and soil for the long road ahead.   Homegrown Natives: Jane meets a gardener whose love of Australian plants grew from a single plant to an impressive collection that fills her suburban backyard.  Wonderful Wisteria: Sophie shares a clever tip for propagating mature wisteria vines. Top Tip - Easter Lilies: Jerry highlights a plant that you could find both as a fragrant cut flower and in your lunch. Picking the Perfect Palm: Josh visits a Palm nursery to learn about the perfect water wise palms for Perth’s hot dry climate. A Burning Question: Clarence explains the importance of traditional burning techniques and how they are playing a crucial part in managing our landscape. My Garden Path: We meet contemporary Artist Gardener Morgan Allender in her Adelaide Hills home and studio. Jobs for the Weekend: Seasonal advice on jobs to do in the garden this weekend.

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