The Incredible Man With Legs Like Scissors (Arthrogryposis)

published 2 weeks ago by Dr. Frederick B. Covington

This man was born with two rare medical conditions that have made his legs look like a pair of SCISSORS. 33-year-old, Marty Sheedy lives with Arthrogryposis – the joint contracture in two or more areas of the body – and Prune Belly Syndrome – the lack of abdominal muscles. Marty weighs only 60lbs and stands at 4ft 10”, but his lack of weight and height are not the strangest symptoms of his condition. In order to be able to move around, Marty has to use his legs in a scissor-like fashion – something most people have never seen before. Doctors gave Marty just two years to live, but he has since defied all the odds and now loves people referring to him as ‘the scissor man’ and ‘scissor legs’.

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