Cowboys Rumors: Jamal Adams Trade? Sign Josh Gordon? Dak Prescott Contract? Trade Jourdan Lewis?

published 1 week ago by Chat Sports

Dallas Cowboys rumors are back with the latest on Jamal Adams, Dak Prescott, Jourdan Lewis and Josh Gordon. Will the Cowboys trade for Jamal Adams now that he’s requested a trade? Will they pay Dak and sign Josh Gordon? And what are the Cowboys trade rumors around Jourdan Lewis? Jamal Adams trade rumors are back (again)! Adams has requested a trade, with the Cowboys on his preferred destinations list. Of course, that’s not really very new and not much has changed in terms of the Jets’ viewpoint since the last Jamal Adams trade video (watch here: but Cowboys Report host Tom Downey still breaks down the latest. Cowboys trade rumors don’t center on just Jamal Adams this time. There are two ideas out there for Cowboys trades. One is to trade Jourdan Lewis for OJ Howard. While that exact trade feels unlikely, a Jourdan Lewis trade makes some sense. The other is a stupid trade proposal of Jaylon Smith. Didn’t get your dad a Father’s Day gift? Get him a Cowboys jersey ASAP: Cowboys Rumors also include updates on Dak Prescott. With uncertainty around future salary caps, should Dak just take the contract and money now? And is Leighton Vander Esch secretly going to be the Cowboys’ MVP in 2020? Josh Gordon has applied for reinstatement, so fans once again want to know if the Cowboys should sign Gordon. It could happen, but Cowboys Report host Tom Downey isn’t optimistic. Here’s the full list of Cowboys Rumors: - Jamal Adams Trade? - Sign Josh Gordon? - Trade Jourdan Lewis For OJ Howard? - Dak Prescott Contract? - Leighton Vander Esch As MVP? - Trade Jaylon Smith To Panthers? Follow Tom Downey on Social Media: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Subscribe to the Cowboys Report for Cowboys Rumors, News, preseason and training camp updates, and a whole lot more all offseason! Here’s the link: The Dallas Cowboys Report can be watched LIVE on Facebook Live on the Dallas Cowboys by Chat Sports Facebook page Cowboys fans can keep up with America’s Team on our website as well: SUBSCRIBE TO CHAT SPORTS ON YOUTUBE: You can catch more NFL coverage from Chat Sports on Facebook at: For news, stats and scores personalized to the teams you follow, download the Chat Sports app: Follow Chat Sports on social media:

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