30 min Hatha Yoga for Unconditional Love | Yoga with Melissa 531

published 3 months ago by Dr. Melissa West - Yoga Teacher - Namaste Yoga

Hatha Yoga In this 30 minute hatha yoga class we will ask ourselves what it would be like to offer ourselves love without conditions, in other words, unconditional love. We will practice poses for our heart chakra, to open our chest and bring mobility to our shoulders. Our hatha yoga class will begin with a centering to bring awareness to the support of the earth, our breath and our body. Then we will focus on shoulder mobility and stability as well as thoracic mobility in cat pose. When we begin to transition to our standing hatha yoga poses we will open up our hips, focus on hamstring flexibility and leg strength. Our standing postures today will include variations of parsvottanasana, triangle pose, half moon balancing pose and warrior two. These variations will focus on shoulder mobility and visualize centering our energy in our heart. When we return to seated we will practice a seated twist with a visualization that will clear our central channel to receive unconditional love. In savasana you will receive a short poem on love by Sri Nityananda

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