20 mins Yoga Nidra for Unconditional Love | Yoga with Dr. Melissa West 530

published 4 months ago by Dr. Melissa West - Yoga Teacher - Namaste Yoga

Yoga Nidra Is it possible to love yourself in a way that is free from all conditions? Free from the striving and expectations. Are you running on the hampster wheel of feeling incomplete, searching for something outside of yourself, some achievement, some accolade, some experience, some relationship which will bring you to some future where you imagine you will be more loveable? Do you judge yourself harshly when you make mistakes? Do you manipulate yourself into some kind of unachievable perfection? What would it be like to love yourself without conditions, completely and totally as you are without any expectations for the future or hoping you were different. Regardless of what you do or do not do, could you offer yourself that kind of love? In this yoga nidra, we will circulate your awareness through your body. We will trace your awareness through the network of cells, tissues, and organs to improve the free flow of energy along the pathways for your body’s wellbeing. Imagine this like a meditative acupuncture treatment as you open your awareness into different parts of your body to mobilize your own innate unconditional love. There will be no close out today so that you can be with your own experience Be sure to give yourself that LIKE for taking the time for your yoga nidra Leave the comment, ¨I offer myself unconditional love” in the comments. If you would like my 7 days of yoga for sleep my best yoga, ayurveda, self massage and breath practices to fall asleep go to: melissawest.com/sleep put your email in and we will deliver that right to your inbox I will put the direct link to the downloadable audio file for our members in the show notes and a link to become a member if you would like access to the downloadable file which is just the yoga nidra without any YouTube advertising or promotion, it starts right with the spoken guided yoga nidra that you can download onto your phones and devices to take it to bed with you so you can call right asleep. Member Yoga Nidra for Unconditional Love Audio Download 30 mins Link to become a member: Click here Sign up here for 7 days to better sleep with yoga and I will send you 1 video a day for 7 days with the best of yoga, ayurveda, self massage and pranayama (or breath practices) to help you get the best night’s sleep.   Yoga Nidra Full Class Short Videos about Yoga Nidra

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