2020 | SERIES 31 | Episode 19

published 3 weeks ago by ABC TV

Living On A Hedge: Jane heads to one of Australia’s most spectacular gardens to learn the fine art of hedging from a man who is an expert in the craft. FAQs – Above-ground roots | Frosted frangipani | Composting citrus and onion: Gardening Australia presenters answer commonly asked gardening questions. Bare Rooted Basics: Winter is the best time to plant bare rooted fruit trees, and Sophie is finding space in her well-established orchard to squeeze a few more in! Water Table Explained: Josh explains what a water table is and how gardening can impact it. Growing Tumeric: Jerry shares tips for home grown turmeric. Family Mood: Costa visits former Gardening Australia presenter Mary Moody, at her intergenerational home in the Blue Mountains.  Plant Profile: Red-flowering Kurrajong: We take a close up look at Brachychiton megaphyllus– an iconic Top End plant that would look great in any tropical garden! Gardens for Wildlife: Tino visits a backyard that has been transformed to provide habitat for all creatures great and small and provides some handy tips on how to do it in your own garden. Healing Plants: Clarence ventures into the jungle garden of a traditional herbalist to talk herbs and healing across generations and cultures.   Top Tip – Plant Frost/Sun Protector: Jerry shows you how you can make a simple raised cover to protect plants from frosts in the winter and sun in the summer! Winter Work: Millie does some winter maintenance on an ornamental garden bed to make sure it has everything it needs to spring into spring. My Garden Path: We meet horticulturalist and indoor plant collector Jane Rose-Lloyd, to discover her passion for rare species and meet some of the stranger plants in her collection. Jobs for the Weekend: Seasonal advice on what to do in the garden this weekend.

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