#258 2020 Lincoln Corsair Test Results; Is It The Right Time to Buy an Electric or Hybrid Vehicle?

published 1 year ago by Consumer Reports

This week we share our test results of the 2020 Lincoln Corsair. We discuss the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on the electric vehicle market, and whether or not it is the right time to buy an EV or a hybrid. Also we answer audience questions including whether window tint potentially reduces the heating effect of sunlight, could the summer's high heat kill off the COVID-19 virus in your vehicle, and if a Ford Fusion is a smart choice in terms of long term reliability and ride comfort.     -----------------------------------   Have a question for our experts? Leave a comment on this episode, or reach out to us directly!   From your iOS device, iMessage us at TalkingCars@icloud.com to send a photo, video, or text directly to the Talking Cars team!   We love to feature our viewers on the show, so submit video questions at    Subscribe to Talking Cars on Spotify:      SHOW NOTES -----------------------------------   01:07 - How Will The Electric Vehicle Market Fare During The Pandemic. 11:33 - 2020 Lincoln Corsair Test Results 21:17 - Question #1: Is it possible that the summer’s high heat could kill the COVID-19 virus in vehicles? 25:46 - Question #2: Is window tint effective in reducing heat inside your car? 32:31 - Question #3: What is a good midsize SUV with 4WD or AWD, 10-15 years old, large cargo capacity, and 3,500 pound towing capability? 37:48 - Question #4: Is the Ford Fusion a smart choice in terms of long term reliability and ride comfort?   ----------------------------------    Now May Be the Right Time to Buy an Electric or Hybrid Car   Coronavirus Resource Hub   2019 New York Auto Show: 2020 Lincoln Corsair   2019 New York Auto Show: 2020 Ford Escape   2017 Chevrolet Bolt Quick Drive   2018 Tesla Model 3 Quick Drive   2013 Ford Fusion first drive   2019 Toyota Avalon Quick Drive   4K Review: 2018 Toyota Camry Quick Drive   2020 Subaru Legacy Quick Drive   Lexus GX Review   Toyota 4Runner Review   2006-2014 Honda Ridgeline   -----------------------------------   Check out   for the latest reviews, tips, and recommendations and subscribe to our YouTube Channel: 

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