60 min Yin Yoga to Go Easy On YourSelf | Yoga with Melissa 529

published 4 months ago by Dr. Melissa West - Yoga Teacher - Namaste Yoga

Yin Yoga This 30 min yin class will pull and pressurize the tissues of the liver and gallbladder meridians and the urinary bladder meridians to support you in being easy with yourself during difficult times. Throughout the class we will review the principles of yin in an in depth way as an additional way of drawing in tools to go easy on ourselves. This yin yoga class will have five minute holds and will use props. You will need a blanket, a strap and a bolster. Because of the kindness of your contributions we have been able to make these Yoga with Melissa classes available for the past ten years. Thank you for supporting us through our membership and donations. Membership: Click Here Donations: Click Here

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