1 Hour Restorative Yoga for Self Regulation | Yoga with Melissa 528

published 4 months ago by Dr. Melissa West - Yoga Teacher - Namaste Yoga

Restorative Yoga In this one hour restorative yoga class for self regulation I will teach what it means to find regulation and resilience in a time of uncertainty. Teaching from polyvagal theory we will cover ventral vagus activation, sympathetic mobilization and dorsal immobilization. Drawing on the teachings of Stphen Porges and Deb Dana, we will contemplate ways that we can savor and deepen the times that we are already in ventral vagus activation. We will ask ourselves how we can discharge energy when we are in sympathetic activation and how we can gently activate our energy when we are in dorsal immobilization. The long held restorative yoga poses in this class are mostly prone (front facing) and super gentle on the nervous system. You will need a bolster, 2 blocks, blankets, and a meditation cushion. This class is in preparation for our next 4 months which will focus on Ventral Vagus Activation: Safety, Connection and Resilience. in our membership community and in particular June 2020 in our membership community which will focus on Widening the Window. Our members will be receiving 5 new classes for ventral vagus activation at the beginning of June. Ventral Vagus Activation for Beginners Intermediate Ventral Vagus Activation with a 9” Inflatable Ball Ventral Vagus Play Qigong Inspired Ventral Vagal Yoga Flow Ventral Vagal Mudra Flow Want to join us? Click Here

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