TWiG 561: Lions vs. Gazelles

published 1 month ago

Google reopening offices for some workers on June 6th, people working from home will get $1000 for furniture and office supplies Zuckerberg: Facebook employees can work from home, but if you move somewhere cheaper, we'll pay you less Big Tech work-from-home workers can buy these Montana mansions for less than a 1-bedroom in San Francisco California's anti-freelancer law under attackSwitzerland: companies must pay rent for their employees who are working from home Google employees get a day off on May 22nd Twitter labels Trump tweet about mail-in-ballots "Get the facts," Trump threatens to shut down all social media Half of the tweets calling to "reopen America" are made by bots Pixel 4a not coming out until July 13thWe are strip-mining the US economy, especially in the news business Google launches a podcast about Google CBS buys Some Good News, but won't get John Krasinski Prime Day moving to September Amazon launching local podcasts. Everybody else is launching podcasts, as well US court rules that FBI can't look at your phone's lock screen without a warrant Electric Taste Machine Electric Smell Machine Magic Leap stays alive, gets $350 Million- Google discontinues first Google HomeTaco Bell doesn't want to pay Quibi for their ads, because nobody is watchingHBO Max launches today, to the confusion of everyoneWhat kind of Zoom user are you? Every Zoom user, illustrated by cats Hosts: Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, and Stacey Higginbotham Download or subscribe to this show at . Sponsors:

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