The Jesus Way, Part 7: The Way of the Garden - Joel and Nina Schmidgall

published 9 months ago by National Community Church

We find ourselves in a season of isolation, chaos, frustration, grief, readjustment. We are adjusting to a completely new normal all the while facing weeks and months of new pressures and challenges.  In our text today, Jesus found himself facing pressure, pain, and challenge in the moments before He would face the cross. As He entered the garden, He grappled with all that was to come and shared honestly about His desire for a different path. In fact, He shared his agony and anguish to the point of sweating blood. He was desperate! It might be Christ’ greatest show of humanity as He wrestled with God.  In His wrestle, He ultimately came to an incredible statement of sacrifice, relenting with, “Not my will, but thy will be done.” In one statement, He accepts and finds resolve for the difficulty to come. Jesus shows us that we can be honest in our emotions with God. Yet we still have to move forward in His will. He shows us we can lean into grief, but we must ultimately come to a place of acceptance. Emotions have to have motion. Just as we are going through the stages of grief, we’ve got to keep moving. The garden was a place of pressure, a place of anguish, a place to grapple, and ultimately a place so submit and resolve to God’s will. We pray that this scripture ministers to your soul in an intense and crazy season!

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