The Jesus Way, Part 5: The Way of The Sparrow - Campus Pastors

published 10 months ago by National Community Church

In a season of social isolation and anxiety, this weekend we’re taking a team approach to our message. You’ll see a show of unity in isolation with all seven of our Campus Pastors taking a part in the sermon via ted talk. On a daily basis we find ourselves inundated with new data and further pushed into isolation from one another. Questions are consistently swirling. What if I get the virus? Am I going to survive financially through this? How can I do my job and home school my kids? What if someone I love who is health vulnerable gets sick? The questions can be endless. And worry can be overwhelming. Our text is Matthew 6:25-34 where Jesus exhorts us to do what seems impossible: Do not worry. He was saying that to an audience who actually had more to be anxious about than we do. Yet, he called back to the very basics of faith: Trust. We pray today that you find faith deep within your soul, to reach out and re-center yourself in Christ and find trust in Him.

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