MBW 714: Amish That up for Me

published 1 month ago

Apple AR Glasses Coming in 2021 The Week's Stories:Jon Prosser: Apple Glass AR glasses will come out in March - June 2021, cost $499 Apple will start returning workers to the office soonApple starts opening stores in the US and Italy, currently offering only curbside serviceApple ships iOS 13.5 to developers, includes the Apple/Google coronavirus contact tracing API and a way to quickly disable FaceIDApple TV+ pays $70 million to premiere Tom Hanks film "Greyhound" How to make the perfect popcorn: Amish popcorn with furikake, Alton Brown styleHBO Max premieres 5/27, includes Criterion Collection and Studio GhibliLogic Pro10.5 Easter Egg: how to find Billie Eilish's Ocean Eyes templatePicks of the WeekLeo's Pick: Samsung T7 drivesAndy's Pick: Charty for ShortcutsLory's Pick: Bombas Pride EditionAlex's Pick: The perfect tutorial video: Make a pincushionAlex's Pick 2: Sound Devices Noise Reduction Hosts: Leo Laporte, Andy Ihnatko, Lory Gil, and Alex Lindsay Download or subscribe to this show at . Sponsors: linkedinlearning.com/macbreak casper.com/macbreak - promo code MACBREAK

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