TWiT News 354: Microsoft Build 2020

published 1 week ago

Microsoft Build 2020 Satya Nadella Vision Keynote, Imagine Cup, and Scott Hanselman Developer Keynote Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella gave his annual Vision Keynote at Build 2020. Nadella talked briefly about Github, Power Platform, Azure, Windows, Teams, and Project Reunion. He interviewed Greg Bowman, Director of Folding@Home, talking about how Folding@Home has been used to fight Alzheimer's Disease and Cancer, and is currently being used to fight Covid-19. Then he featured five artists at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music who have been using Teams to connect virtually during the current shelter-at-home order. After Nadella's keynote, the conference moved on to the Imagine Cup, a tech competition for college students. The winning team, Hollow from Hong Kong, is developing a tool to help throat cancer victims recover their voices. Build then moved on to Scott Hanselman, who interviewed several developers. He first interviewed Kayla Clarence about the Windows Subsystem for Linux, the new Windows terminal, the Winget Windows Package Manager, and using Teams to code in the terminal collaboratively. Then he called Nat Friedman, CEO of Github. Friedman talked about Github's new free-to-everybody system, mobile app, and integration with Visual Studio through Codespace. Then he interviewed Allison Buchholtz-Au, Program Manager of Codespace at Microsoft who went id-depth about Codespace. Scott also talked about .Net Core 3.1 and changes to Visual Studio 2019. Hosts: Leo Laporte and Mikah Sargent Download or subscribe to this show at . Sponsor:

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