Cowboys Rumors On Dak Prescott vs. Carson Wentz Plus Trade Rumors On Russell Wilson & Tyron Smith

published 2 weeks ago by Chat Sports

Dallas Cowboys rumors and news continue to center on Dak Prescott and his contract, but now there’s once again debate about Carson Wentz or Dak Prescott. Did the Cowboys botch the Dak Contract? What are the Cowboys trade rumors around Russell Wilson and Tyron Smith? Cowboys trade rumors will not go away and there are two pretty crazy ones centered on Tyron Smith and Russell Wilson. One makes little sense. One makes no sense. Find out which! Pre-order your CeeDee Lamb jersey OR save 25% on current Cowboys players at Dak Prescott contract drama won’t stop for roughly 2 months, which is proof the Cowboys have botched the Dak extension. Meanwhile, ESPN has kickstarted the Dak vs. Carson Wentz debate once again. But in reality, there’s a pretty clear winner after the first 4 years of their careers. (Hint: it’s Dak Prescott) Here’s the full list of Cowboys Rumors: - Dak vs. Wentz? - Dak Contract Botched? - Cut or trade Tyron Smith? - Russell Wilson trade? - Delaine Walker Signing? - Jason Garrett & Giants? Follow Tom Downey on Social Media: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Subscribe to the Cowboys Report for Cowboys Rumors, News, preseason and training camp updates, and a whole lot more all offseason! Here’s the link: The Dallas Cowboys Report can be watched LIVE on Facebook Live on the Dallas Cowboys by Chat Sports Facebook page Cowboys fans can keep up with America’s Team on our website as well: SUBSCRIBE TO CHAT SPORTS ON YOUTUBE: You can catch more NFL coverage from Chat Sports on Facebook at: For news, stats and scores personalized to the teams you follow, download the Chat Sports app: Follow Chat Sports on social media:

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