How Closings Work During COVID-19

published 1 year ago by Jean Shine

Due to COVID-19, closing procedures may be different right now.Looking to sell your Central Texas area home? Get a free home value report Looking to buy a Central Texas area home? Click here to browse Central Texas Homes for sale Like many of you, I look forward to getting a haircut, eating out, seeing friends, and getting my kids back into school when this health crisis abates. Though we’re not quite there yet, we want you to know that our offices remain open, staffed, and ready to assist you with all your real estate needs. We continue to list, show, sell, and close properties for our clients. Today I’m discussing how closing procedures happen during this unusual time.Most title companies are only allowing the signers to enter their buildings.When you reach the closing stage and are ready to sign the closing documents, the process right now is generally the same, but some of the procedures may be different due to social distancing guidelines. Most title companies are only allowing the signers to enter their buildings, meaning we real estate agents can’t attend closings with our clients. We hope this changes soon, as we enjoy being there to help celebrate your closing, but until then, we’re only a phone call away should you need us. Some title companies are utilizing other methods and taking all safety precautions such as gloves, plexiglass dividers on the closing tables, extended distancing between the closer and signer, and sanitization between closings. Other options may be possible due to a client’s circumstances, such as a mobile notary to meet the client or online notaries for certain documents. Regardless of the method of closing, you will need a valid, government-issued picture ID, and if you owe $1,500 or more at closing, you need to have the funds presented via cashier’s check, or you can wire the funds to the title company. If you have any further questions about closings or real estate in general, please feel free to contact us via phone or email. We would love to help you.

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