Dark Moon Restorative Yoga Pose | From Uncertainty to Inner Wisdom

published 5 months ago by Dr. Melissa West - Yoga Teacher - Namaste Yoga

Dark Moon Right now we are in a great time of uncertainty with the worldwide pandemic of coronavirus. This uncertainty has left me feeling destabilized to say the least and many of you too. In this video I will share with you some of the insights and discussions we have been having around the uncertainty due to covid-19 in our community. Over the last few weeks I have been connecting with a lot of my students through live yoga and meditation classes with lots of time for us to speak about our experience afterwards. One of the things that stands out is that we are in a time of great uncertainty. The other thing that stands out is that most of us have been practicing for many decades and have a lot of yoga and meditation experience that we are bringing with us to the period of uncertainty and unknown due to covid-19. A lot of us are experiencing quieter and stiller days right now. What I have found is that these times are asking me to move beyond the perfect way of doing things and doing things right and asking me to plunge into my inner world. This doesn’t have to be fancy. In fact frequent breaks through the day have been helpful rather than grand gestures. When I do this I am able to restore my energy and pay attention to my own well being. This sacred pause allows me to tune into my own emotions and feelings, let go of distractions like social media and news media and tune into my own inner wisdom. The restorative yoga pose that I am enjoying right now is child’s pose. It allows me to be grounded, to soothe my inner child, to come to a place of inner rest, and to breathe into my kidneys and adrenals. I can stay until I feel rested and know that when I emerge I will feel more rested.

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