Seeing & Knowing, Part 3

published 1 year ago by Jerry Savelle Ministries

Are you ready for what God is about to do? Would you like to discover the biblical keys for knowing God’s plan for you and your family? In this new series Dr. Jerry Savelle explains the Spirit of Seeing and Knowing. The principles revealed in this series will equip and position you to be ready for what is coming. God doesn’t want you in the dark. He desires to show you what He’s about to do. Without revelation knowledge, God’s people perish and miss out on His blessing. Now is the time to get in-tune with God and live with confidence and faith for His plan. Don’t delay any longer. Call, or go online now to and request your copy of the “Seeing and Knowing” special package. Your best days are ahead! Discover today how God reveals His plan so you can respond in faith and walk in His goodness and purpose.

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