10 Min Full Body Beginner Yoga | 30 Day Beginner Yoga Challenge | Day 19

published 4 months ago by Dr. Melissa West - Yoga Teacher - Namaste Yoga

Full Body Beginner Yoga This full body beginner yoga class is a prop free and wrist free yoga class. It is day 19 of our 30 day beginner yoga challenge. We will begin with some centering to connect with our body and breathing. As we continue to rest back we will move our hips to release tension and then come up to lunge to further release our hips and hamstrings. Our standing posture today is warrior two with some interesting side bending to open up your thoracic spine. A wide legged standing forward bend will release your spine, back and hamstrings. In sphinx we will strengthen your back and open your chest. We will finish with a simple knees to chest pose to release your low back. In savasna your poem today is: I Will Be Your Sun by DAVE URSILLO from I AM WE: POEMS Today’s 10 minute yoga class is designed for the complete beginner. You can do this class if you have never done a yoga class before in your life. I will give you slow, easy to follow, step-by-step instructions and tell you exactly how to get in and out of each and every pose. Detailed instructions will be given for even the most basic poses and how to breathe. You will be given lots of cues of how to pay attention to your body and where to feel the effects of the yoga poses. You do not have to be athletic, flexible, strong, balanced, skinny or coordinated to do this class. The slow, step-by-step instructions will give you the confidence to let go of your self-judgment and stay focused with commitment and motivation. This 30 day beginner yoga challenge with short 10 minute beginner yoga videos will support you in coming to your mat every single day for a month. I will help you to improve your flexibility, strength and posture. You will stretch and tone your muscles with beginner yoga poses that I will teach you step by step in an easy to learn way.

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