Making It Work During A Global Pandemic - Category5 Technology TV - Episode 647

published 12 months ago by Category5 TV Network

Category5 is back and broadcasting from its new studio, but who could have predicted a global pandemic occurring during our downtime as we prepared to move? Robbie is joined by Tom Costantino (Co-Producer, The Orville), Brandon Fayette (VFX Supervisor, The Orville), Sasha Rickman (Co-Host, Category5 Technology TV), Bo Lechnowsky (Founder/Owner, ameriDroid) and Amie DD (Contestant, LEGO Masters) to discuss how COVID-19 is affecting each differently. We're also joined by our socially distant news team featuring Jeff Weston, Henry Baillie-Brown and Robert Koenig to cover the week's top tech stories and the status of blockchain jobs. Read the complete show notes, comment or rate this episode, view pictures and obtain links from this episode at Running time: 55 Minutes 49 Seconds

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