Mazda CX-30 Is Big News In Small Crossovers (But Is It Mazda Fun?)

published 1 year ago by Tom Voelk

Normally, “fun to drive” and “crossover” are not used in the same sentence.  Make an exception for the Mazda CX-30. Slotting in between the tiny CX-3 and not-too-big CX-5, there’s a case to be made for this compact sport ute to wear the CX-4 badge (but that’s a different story involving a vehicle not available in the U.S.). This is not a fast crossover but it should be shopped with a growing group that includes Kona, Seltos, Renegade, Soul and HR-V. If you’re stock portfolio has taken a dive (and who’s hasn’t) you can throw, X1, UX and Q3 onto the test drive list. Tom Voelk checks out a fully optioned AWD Premium model.

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