Behind the Scenes in the Making of the Beginner Yoga Challenge

published 5 months ago by Dr. Melissa West - Yoga Teacher - Namaste Yoga

Behind the Scenes This is a short vlog to show you behind the scenes in the making of the 30 day beginner yoga challenge. We both loved making the challenge because it gave us a positive focus during the coronavirus pandemic and it allowed us to make a positive difference in the world. Having a project that we can offer out in the the world with joy, gratitude and love helped us to stay grounded. Our location was an hour drive outside of Victoria B.C. close to Metchosin. Because we live on an island where there are lots of trees, water and mountains it takes a long time to travel places. Why we created this challenge at this time: We noticed that we had a lot more yoga students subscribing to both of our YouTube channels and becoming members of our channels. We noticed that we had a lot of new people that are beginners. The most popular videos on our main channel has always been our beginner videos. I’m receiving a lot of messages from people asking me: What yoga should I do right now? I am also receiving a lot of messages from people who are working from home who need short 10 minute yoga breaks in their day. When I looked at what beginners were looking for in yoga classes, they wanted: prop free, wrist free, kneeling free, and inversion free yoga classes. So all of these beginner classes try to stick to that format as much as possible. What is warming my heart the most is that people are practicing with their children and their elderly parents. Tim is practicing yoga everyday now! The location we filmed in was so special. An enchanted forest with shooting star flowers, a moss covered ground, gorgeous old growth trees with old man’s beard, and deer, ravens and eagles all around us. We are so grateful that we can film outside here in Victoria B.C. We know it is a privilege that many of you do not have around the rest of the world. For that we are sorry and we hope that these 30 videos that we have filmed can bring some of the outdoors indoors for you. Thank you so much to Lole for my clothes which keep me toasty warm in the cool Canadian forests and thank you to Tim for filming and distributing the 30 day challenge to all of you. May the 30 day challenge be of benefit to many. Namaste, Melissa

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