Spark DJI Cinematic Test Footage

published 3 years ago by Jason Diaz: Filmmaker, Traveler, Foodie, Podcast Host

Hey guys! We upgraded our film by getting the new Spark DJI Drone! We've been thinking and looking for a drone for the lognest time to add onto our podcast episodes but we never pulled the trigger because it was either too expensive, too big, and or too heavy. If you've been thinking about getting a drone, this drone is totally worth it! We are really surprised on the video quality of this small drone! It is THE perfect Drone for travel because its so small and light. Set up time before flight is a breeze, it takes about 3 mins to set up then off it goes. You can really go incognito filmming with this thing because before anyone can figure out that theres a drone filming, you'll have that thing in the air in no time! It is so small that you can fit the Drone in your day pack and no one will know that you have a drone in there! We'll have a Spark DJI Review & Flying Tips Video soon! You can get the same $499 drone that we got via Amazon by clicking on the link below:     Or you can get the the $699 Spark Fly Combo where you get an extra battery, Spark Remote Control, 3 Battery Charging Hub, Propeller Guards and a FREE 16GB Micro SD Card by clicking on the link below:  

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