Spain Day 3: In Search of the Disneyland Castle in Segovia Spain

published 3 years ago by Jason Diaz: Filmmaker, Traveler, Foodie, Podcast Host

Spain Day 3: In Search of the Disneyland Castle in Segovia Spain  Join us, as we look for the elusive Disneyland Castle in Segovia! In this video, we found one of the last Gothic Churches in Europe, the beautiful Segovia Cathedral! For brunch, we managed to find one of the cheapest but decadent burger... We had low expectations for the burger given the stellar location... But it was actually really good for just $3! Walking through this medieval city was such a pleasure, seeing so many beautiful building architechtures, its so easy to take so many beautiful pictures! If you have an opportunity to go to Madrid Spain, Segovia is a definite place to check out!  If you find value in this video,please SHARE us to your friends! And Leave us a REVIEW!   Check us out at  And on Facebook!   Guess what? Were on Instagram! DestinationCosmoPodcast   Send us a Message onInstagram or FacebookIf you have any questions!  You can download us on your tablet & smartphones!   Via any podcast provider in Android or OS Devices!   Picture of the Altar in Segovia Cathedral By Angela Rutherford     Music by:  The Deli "Sunshine"     Terem "Movin' "     GfBeats "Have you seen my backpack pt2"     Aso "Same House Party Bump"  

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