50 Years Waiting!!! Going to Hawaii! Part 1

published 4 years ago by Jason Diaz: Filmmaker, Traveler, Foodie, Podcast Host

Sorry Guys for the long absence! We've been busy with our day jobs! In this episode, We take Jason's Grandma (Lola) to Hawaii! Check out the episode why we titled it " 50 Years Waiting! Going to Hawaii!" and Let us know what you think!  STAY TUNED for the next episode for Lola's next adventure as we explore the food culture of Oahu Hawaii! Leave us a Review on iTunes! It will really Help us out! Thanks! Follow us!!! Instagram via DestinationCosmoPodcast Facebook via Destination Cosmo Travel Podcast Twitter via @DestinationCos Music By THOVO soundcloud.com/thomas-vos-2 TEREM soundcloud.com/terem DANIJEL ZAMBO soundcloud.com/danijel-zambo  Opening Music by: ASO soundcloud.com/aricogle

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