Best Sushi Experience EVER!!! Tokyo Tsukiji Market Day 2

published 5 years ago by Jason Diaz: Filmmaker, Traveler, Foodie, Podcast Host

We're back at Tsukiji Market! The first time we went it, we had the amazing luck of getting THE worst weather to go to Tsukiji... Tropical storm with 50 mile per hour wind that just drenched us, needless to say we were terrified for our camera gear. So we decided to go back and do a quick do over of Tsukiji.  This time around it was really sunny, so we had the pleasure of taking our time and really check out the inner market, where they sold all kinds of seafoods!  We didn't get a chance to do it last time because we were drenched and smelled like fish... We couldn't wait to go back to Tokyo Kiba Capsule Hotel and take a shower. In this video, we shot a segment where we tried to replicate what it would be like if you were walking inside the Tsukiji Inner Market.  This part of the video is really cool or will become really cool because Tsukiji Market as a whole will move to a new place, and they will close down the whole old Tsukiji Market. So this segment called "Walking Through Tsukiji Market" will be like "going back through time" when Tsukiji Market Closes down in November 2016. Leave us  a review on iTunes, and we'll put your name under the credits on the next episode! It will really help us out! Thanks! Inquiries? Make music? Want to Collaborate? Or just say hi? Subscribe and Follow us!!! Instagram via DestinationCosmoPodcast Facebook via Destination Cosmo Travel Podcast Twitter via @DestinationCos Music by Dj Grumble Aso

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