Amazing Capsule Hotel & The Famous Shopping District Ginza

published 5 years ago by Jason Diaz: Filmmaker, Traveler, Foodie, Podcast Host

In this video, we had an opportunity to check out a capsule hotel near Tsukiji Market called Tokyo Kiba Hotel. It was one of the coolest experience ever! Staying in a Capsule Hotel is quintessential japanese experience! You may think that it'll be a little clausterphopic upon seeing the coffin-like capsule, Honestly, the stay there was absolutely delightful. Maybe it triggered the caveman genes or something but we really loved it, so much so we started calling it, "The Bat Cave"! And Michelle started nesting... The bedding was surprisingly very comfortable the comforters were nice, think, heavy and warm and when you're ready to sleep you just pull your blind covers at entrance and viola- "Bat Cave". For $33 a night you can't beat that experience!!! You can check them out at If you're going to be checking out Tsukiji Market, this is not a bad choice because its nearby! Then right after, we checked out the famous shopping district Ginza! We found out that every weekend, a part of the main street in Ginza Tokyo is closed to traffic and the whole area becomes a large pedestrian area. So we decided to investigate. Upon seeing it, Jason Actually (beginning of the the Ginza Segment) exclaimed "WHOA! Expletive!" Leave us  a review on iTunes, and we'll put your name under the credits! It will really help us out! Thanks! Inquiries? Make music? Want to Collaborate? Or just say hi? Subscribe and Follow us!!! Instagram via DestinationCosmoPodcast Facebook via Destination Cosmo Travel Podcast Twitter via @DestinationCos Music by: Danijel Zambo Terem Thovo Aso

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