TWiT 767: Fifteen Years Later

published 1 month ago

TWiT's 15th Anniversary, iPhone SE, Best Audio Equipment You Can Buy iPhone SE vs Sidekick 2 EARN IT will kill end-to-end encryption. Call your senator now! AMD is kicking Intel's butt The best speakers you can buy The best DACs you can buy The best headphones and headphone amplifiers you can buy The story of the first TWiT Catching up with Scott Herriott Catching up with Kevin Rose Catching up with Patrick Norton Catching up with Robert Heron Why Kevin Rose Doesn't Use Android Why Robert Heron loves Google Fi and the Pixel Magic Wormhole: how to encrypt your communications John Prosser: iPhone SE Plus coming soon iPad Pro Magic Keyboard turns the iPad Pro into a laptop More catching up with Kevin Rose Reminiscing about the good old days - Leisure Suit Larry, FidoNet, and BBSs Caveat Emptor: many NAS drives use SMR Computer security now vs 15 years ago Hard drives now vs 15 years ago Want a great $20,000 stereo? Buy the Symbol Audio Modern Record Console iRacing is the best esport in the world Host: Leo Laporte Guests: Kevin Rose, Patrick Norton, Robert Heron, and Scott Herriot Download or subscribe to this show at Sponsors: promo code TWIT30 offer code TWIT

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