TWiG 555: Soured on Sourdough

published 1 month ago

Apple & Google's COVID-19 Tracking: How It Works Google starts the 'Journalism Emergency Relief Fund' to support local news in the COVID era Haircuts in the coronavirus era Where can you get a coronavirus test? How to make sure the coronavirus news you are getting is true How Apple & Google's coronavirus contact tracing plan will work Taco Cabana is like Taco Bell, but with margaritas Google Classroom takes Italy schools online Google will build its own chips for Chromebooks and phones iPhone SE and iPad Magic Keyboard available now! Rating the celebrity Zoom calls The return of Karsten Cam! Tik Tok hits 1 billion, Quibi hits 1.7 million WHO releases tips app Verizon hits 800 million calls per day, internet traffic also way up Hosts: Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, and Stacey Higginbotham Download or subscribe to this show at . Sponsor: WWT.COM/TWIT1

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